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Deep Cleaning Bournemouth

We work with our partner company Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning services to provide a 24 hour Emergency Deep Cleaning Bournemouth Service to both Homeowners and Businesses across Bournemouth, Poole and throughout Dorset.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the Deep Cleaning Services that we provide through our partner company Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services has become even more important to businesses and ogranisations to help provide a clean and safe environment for your staff and customers.

Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services have over 20 years Deep Cleaning and Infection Control experience and use a combination of their proven deep cleaning methods, the most effective deep cleaning products available and the latest Fogging Disinfection Technologies to provide you with the perfect Deep Cleaning Service to meet your requirements.

It has been our pleasure to have provide our services to a wide range of businesses that have been worried about the threat of the possible spread of Covid-19 Over recent months. This has included carrying out deep cleans for Medical Centres, Shops, Restaurants, Estate Agents, Property Management Companies, Local Councils, Office Based Businesses and many more.

Please see some key areas of our Deep Cleaning Bournemouth Service below:

  • Our Deep Cleaning Service starts when our Infection Control Experts carry out a full risk assessment to look at the areas of your work place most at risk for the potential spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses and we then provide you with a fully bespoke deep cleaning service to fully clean and disinfect your business premises.

  • Pinnacle Cleaning believe that there are three key stages of the decontamination process – Clean (removal of food source for bacteria) – Disinfect (eliminate all remaining bacteria & viruses) – Sterilise (making a safe Environment for all).

  • Pinnacle Cleaning use the combination of our established deep cleaning methods and the latest Industry technologies including Fogging Machines to ensure that we provide you with the most effective clean possible. The Fogging method that we use ensures that we can provide you with a more effective clean as this invoves micro droplets of disinfectant being dispersed into the air for a short time after application which means that we can reach areas that would not be possible by conventional cleaning methods.

  • Pinnacle Cleaning use the most effective Broad Spectrum Disinfectants, Sanitisers, Cleaning Products and the latest industry technologies to provide you with the most effective Deep Cleaning and Infection Control Service available.

For more details about our specialist Deep Cleaning Bournemouth Services please Click Here or call us today on 01202 950 616.